About Me

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates

I went Vegan in May 2015 and I want to show people how easy it is to create amazing food without the need of meat, dairy or eggs.

“I couldn’t do it” is the general consensus around my peers. “You could if you tried” is my typical response. It seems that most people don’t want to adjust just because they like the taste of animal products. Okay, who doesn’t?! It’s a completely natural thing to love meat, not so much dairy (I won’t go into why dairy is ridiculous).

If we’re given a choice between a meal with lots of meat and cheese that’s high in saturated fat, salt and cholesterol, and a healthy plant-based dish that’s high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and low in saturates and ZERO cholesterol (cholesterol comes from animal products – nowhere else, and it’s the main cause of Heart Disease, which needlessly kills over 1 million people per year), we’re going to go for the former. Why? Because our brain tells us to. We naturally crave the higher-energy-dense foods because back in the day we had to eat whatever we could find so we didn’t die.

The point is, now days we have a choice to eat what we want. We’re living in a society where we don’t have to go out and hunt. In fact we’re worse now – we pay someone else to do that for us. We’re smart enough now to realise the amount of damage we’re doing to our planet and our bodies by eating animal products. If you’re confused or disagree then you’ll need to do some research because you won’t be told this stuff by the media as it might damage the multi-billion pound western agricultural industry, as well as the multi-trillion pound pharmaceutical industry—there’s no money in healthy people. It’s all about money and unless you find it out for yourself you’ll continue believing the nonsense that’s fed to us.

Since sticking to a strict meat, dairy and egg free lifestyle, my diet has been more varied than it has been my entire life. I’ve developed some recipes that I felt were so good I needed to share them! It proves that you can make delicious food that you know is only good; for you AND for our planet.

Eat guilt-free and actually look forward to your meals.

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